Hi, I’m Greg and I write games, stories and more.

I’m a storyteller, game designer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. I live in Helsinki, Finland with my wife and daughter. I’m available to work on your project, regardless of medium. You can find examples of my work below.

Current Projects

A Giant Problem is an upcoming VR game from Critical Charm. It’s a tactical defense game that puts you in the role of a giant tasked with fending off invading forces using everything at your disposal. I’m the writer, game designer and marketer for the game. I do have room in my schedule to write for your game, so get in contact.

Video Games

I write and design video games. I do everything from intimate little Twine games, to more complex narratives and even action adventure VR games. Some of my clients include Critical Charm, Virtual Air Guitar Company, Polka Dot Studio and Pazu Games. My personal games can be found on itch.io. If you need a writer or narrative designer then get in contact, as I’m available to take on more projects.

MYNT Wide.png

Roleplaying Games

I love games and storytelling, so it should come as no surprise that I love playing and running tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve even created my own system called MYNT: Maybe Yes No Twist. All you need are a pair of dice (2d6) and an imagination to play. Remember, I’m available to write and design your game, contact me for information.

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Podcasts & Videos

I host and produce a number of podcast and video series. The Writing Game is a video series about game writing, narrative design and storytelling and is available on Youtube. Video Game Sauna is a roundtable discussion with game developers held at Games Factory in Helsinki, Finland. Both shows are available as podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Acast, IheartRadio, and more. Be sure to like and subscribe!

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Daily Writing & Personal Projects

I love to write and tell stories. It’s why I start every day writing something small, new and inspired by a different piece of artwork. You can find that work on my blog. I also write comic books, novels, scripts and essays. I’ve previously worked as a journalist so you’re bound to find some of my work across the web. Be sure to check back regularly as I’m always posting something new, or have a new project to announce.