Gregory Pellechi

I'm a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid who dabbles in a lot of different things. I've worked as a journalist and a humanitarian aid worker in Asia and the Middle East. Currently I live in Finland with my wife. 

I started podcasting in 2015 upon arriving in Finland, after having listened to them for years. Some of my favorite shows include Idle Thumbs, Smodcast, 99 Percent Invisible, most things from Gimlet Media, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Imaginary Worlds and more.  My first podcast was Fulltime HEL, which was about startups and entrepreneurs in Helsinki, Finland.

My current projects run the gamut. I'm writing a novel, developing a board game, producing a podcast, attempting to get youth rugby off the ground and assisting in my wife's election campaign.

You can also find me on Amazon.