Fulltime HEL: Episode 1 - UKKO.fi

Fulltime HEL: Episode 1 - UKKO.fi

Fulltime HEL is finally live. After a solid month or more of talking about it and conducting a range of interviews with other freelancers, entrepreneurs, Startups and more I’ve finally set about getting the podcast I promised on the internet.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about or who I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Gregory Pellechi and I’m the host and producer of this podcast. A podcast for those not in the know is just a pre-recorded radio show shared over the internet for free.

Fulltime HEL is a podcast about the life and work of freelancers, startups, co-working spaces & entrepreneurs in the Greater Helsinki Region. It’s comprised of interviews and analysis which gives me a chance to highlight and share all the great things happening in Helsinki as I delve into what makes Helsinki such a hotbed of creative activity.

This week’s episode, given it’s the first, it’s short but it’s an introduction. It also covers why I’m in Helsinki, Finland. Here’s a hint — the Wife. Who you can find more about at our shared blog — Return to HEL. There’s a bit of a theme going here. In this episode I also discuss how I’m handling invoicing and taxes, two very import topics for any freelancer and something you have to sort right from the beginning.

The important links from this episode are:

UKKO — Invoicing and Tax Service (that I use)

Eezy — Invoicing and Tax Service

Odeal — Invoicing and Tax Service

Vero — Finnish Tax Agency

Fulltime HEL was produced by me, Gregory Pellechi. Music for the show is courtesy of Chris Zabriskie.

Fulltime HEL: Episode 2 - WordNerd

Fulltime HEL: Episode 2 - WordNerd