Fulltime HEL: Episode 18 - HealthSPA

Fulltime HEL: Episode 18 - HealthSPA

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Hey, how are you? Well? That’s good. I’m doing fine.

And I am most days because I’m healthy and hopefully so are you. But health isn’t just a matter of wishful thinking but work. That work isn’t just a matter of diet and exercise, but preventative measures like going to the dentists, getting all your vaccinations and having regular checkups.

What makes going to the dentist or doctor possible and what makes vaccines, medicines and treatments available and viable has been a concerted effort by humanity to develop the technologies that enable us to live longer happier lives. Doing so isn’t always easy.

After all, health and wellness are difficult, trying industries and sometimes you just need to go to the spa to rejuvenate. But before that…

Welcome to episode 18 of Fulltime HEL, the podcast about startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and co-working spaces in Helsinki, Finland. I’m your host Gregory Pellechi.

On this episode, HealthSPA, refreshing health Startups with more than a trip to the sauna.

Lame jokes aside, the early days of any Startup are a time where help is needed. Finland and Helsinki are big on providing that help through actors like Startup Sauna, NewCo Helsinki, Slush and others. All of them are inherently broad, being able to provide assistance to just about any Startup. But with a developing, maturing market there comes a need for more specific solutions.

Health and wellness are a precarious area to work in. Not just because of all the money and time that is usually spent on R&D, but because of the dubious nature of some techniques, research, medicine and services. Europe has tighter regulations regarding such things but homeopathy and other practices are still prevalent and even practiced by trained scientists and medical professionals. I’m staunchly against such things and if you want to learn more I suggest checking out Science-Based Medicine. And it seems like HealthSPA is too.

The expectation of solid science or services is nothing new. But these are Startups and the success rate is not 100%, it’s far from that. So if you do succeed there are some expectations, though they’re not necessarily explicit, for working with HealthSPA.

Networking seems to be a lot of the support provided here in Finland given the readiness with which people share information, contacts and ideas. This idea came up previously in the episode about games, and Finland seems to have a very different approach to developing an industry than say the US. Not to say that intellectual property protection isn’t important here, but rather those here inherently know the rising tide lifts all boats. And the events, networking and promotion HealthSPA provides is just that, a buoyant, healthy addition to Finland’s Startup ecosystem through events such as Upgraded Life Festival* and Nordic Health Investment Day*.

HealthSPA’s focus and very existence should be not just a boon to any Startups smart enough to make use of their services but a beacon to investors. Finland isn’t going to be about just games or the occasional wacky Startup, but concerted efforts to address the issues facing the world.

Those needs aren’t about to go away and if anything are only going to become more pressing. So if you’re in the medical field or have a Startup in the health and wellness industry be sure to check out HealthSPA.

On the next episode of Fulltime HEL, MAA, bring marketing down to earth.


Upgraded Life Festival is in its third year and organized by HealthsSPA. The largest such event in the Nordic countries, last year it gathered around 1000 participants, 70 exhibitors and 60 speakers. The focus was innovation and uniting pioneers of healthcare, wellness, Big Data in health, quantified-self, biohacking, fitness, health wearables and the Internet of Things. The next Upgraded Life Festival is May 31, 2016 at Biomedical in Helsinki, Finland.

Nordic Health Investment Day is on June 1, 2o16 at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland. It’s billed as “a comprehensive matchmaking event bringing together investors, accelerators, large corporations and media with innovative startups seeking funding and internationalisation.”

Fulltime HEL was produced by me, Gregory Pellechi. Music for the show is courtesy of Chris Zabriskie.

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