The Myriad Ways

The Myriad Ways

- This… this isn’t what I wanted.

- You never said anything before. Why now?

- Because it’s too much. 

There’s a huff on the other side of the phone followed by the clinking of a glass. A tap runs and water rises. Crinkling and crunching follows. Then the smacking of lips and a gargling gagging sound.

- I have this.

- Hate what?

- Sorry. I didn’t want… I didn’t think.

- Do we ever?

A window slides open on one end and the sounds of the street travel the telephone. Hawkers hark, cars bleep, and traffic congests into an amalgamation that is the city. On the other end silence.

- What if I came there.

- Would that help?

- Couldn’t hurt.

- But it does.

- Does it?

- Yes.

- Oh.


Today’s art is courtesy of Henry Tam from Makati City, Philippines.

Trophy Room

Trophy Room