The Hips Don't Lie

The Hips Don't Lie

Thrust and squeeze, thrust and squeeze. Nothing will feel as good as the the new L234 Heavy Machine Gun from Dahl-Xiao Workshops. 

This one’s all on you. In your hands you’ll carve up the competition whether they’re behind three inches of steel or made of butter.

And speaking of smooth, see that barrel - it’s a solid piece of tungsten carved with the greatest of effort by the hands of the master craftspeople at Dahl-Xiao Workshops in Rovaniemi, Finland. 

The L234 brings a smile to everyone’s face, especially when they learn there’s no fancy attachments. Cause the real deal know how to wield, a weapon like the L234 Heavy Machine Gun.

But if you’re so incline buy now and you’ll get a shoulder sling for free! And yes the L234 is snug enough to be slipped under even the most innocuous of coats. 

 Drum-fed, air cooled, and fully compliant with the latest smart-round technology the L234 is always the caliber for the class.

Here’s some of the L234’s first customers to tell you more.*

“I was never one for a HMG when working the streets, a SMG was more my style, but the L234 changed my mind.” - BURi3D On3

“When she gets going, man does she purr unlike anything else. And this kitty has some claws. Daddy like.” - Daddy

“The L234 does things for me no man has ever been capable of. It is reliable, strong and if I ever run out of ammo then it makes for a very good club. The frame goes well with my handbag and heels.” - Natasha “Don’t Ask” Longo

If you act now Dahl-Xiao Workshops is including a second drum for free with every purchase. And as a bonus every L234 will come inscribed with a small message from the master craftsperson to you, thanking you for the purchase and wishing you the best of luck out on the streets. 

If you order two or more then each will come with a custom paint job, because nothing screams professional like properly branded armature. 

*Dahl-Xiao Workshops is not represented by nor necessarily share the opinions of the individuals mentioned.

Today’s art is courtesy of Elijah McNeal from Texas, USA.

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