Not So Confidential

Not So Confidential

Gunther groaned audibly as he approached his vehicle. He had only stepped out to get a drink but now he had to deal with Leila. A hackrabbit, or as Gunther considered her the hackrabbit, she wasn’t to be trifled with. Yet here she was asking for him in a way that he couldn’t ignore.

“Even after all this time you haven’t looked up the definition of CI?” Gunther grunted as he opened the passenger door beside Leila.

If she smiled he didn’t know. Her mask only let her eyes show through. Gunther thought he caught a twitch of an eyebrow, but dismissed it just as quickly as it came. “I assume there’s something I can do for you.”

Leila didn’t turn to address him, but kept watch of the street. “You are here to protect and serve.”

“Doesn’t mean I serve coffee.”

“Shame, I could use a pick me up right about now.”

“Are you asking me to pry?,” Gunther said sitting on the hood alongside Leila. “Because I’m on duty.”

“Ever the fastidious one,” Leila said turning to make eye contact. “But give me some credit.”

Gunther shifted his gear and leaned close to Leila, “Oh I do. Just not as much as you think you deserve.”

Leila tilted her head to the side and ran a finger down from one eye. “Honest as ever.”

Gunther harrumphed in response and turned away. Leila too moved to put some distance between them.

“Can we go somewhere?” Leila asked.

The doors to Gunther’s vehicle opened in response.

Today’s art is courtesy of Eddie Mendoza from San Francisco, USA.

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