Pizza Pie In The Sky

Pizza Pie In The Sky

Zoe zoomed past a truck, skirted round a sedan, and nearly crashed into a cart. She came to a screeching halt, her bike bucking beneath her. In her mind she could see the pizzas sliding from their boxes and getting crumpled up, toppings oozing forth.

The proprietor was struggling with the hover cart’s break and had stopped half way across the boulevard. Zoe kicked her bike back into gear and zip around the obstruction. She banged on the cart in passing causing the person struggling with it to look up and yell. Whatever it was they said was lost in the wind.

Speed and more speed. Zoe needed to go fast. She also wanted to go fast. It was the only reason she did deliveries to begin with. So she gunned the engine and moved to a higher gear. The pizzas were probably a lost cause, but she’d get them to their destination anyways. 

Pizza wasn’t her normal purview, but today that’s what a client wanted. And when they wanted something they wanted it immediately. No drones for them either. They were too regulated and trackable. But Zoe, Zoe was something else.

Now she just needed to get off the streets and to a higher level. The order specified a particular landing bay, one without street access.  Zoe liked that. It meant she got to go vertical, and that required more speed. 

The Dahl-Xiao family towers were ahead of her, but Zoe knew she couldn’t take a direct approach. She’d have to work her way up. To do so she’d have to go down Grange, then cut over to Burnside.

She turned into the Powell’s parking elevator and immediately slid into a drift, slipping under the barrier and onto the emergency ramp. Her bike’s momentum carried them to the top of the building and as they came out on the roof Zoe throttled up. She was out over the alley and onto the next building.

Then the next, and the next. Each time gaining more altitude, and using the fancy architecture as a trial to get from place to place. Zoe stood, pushing her bike further to make each jump and keep her speed.

There were no signs of the cops and even if there were what could they do to catch her. Zoe could only smile at the thought. It turned into a grimace as she gritted her teeth as she took a particularly hard landing. She slowed but only a little and then was off again.

She chastised herself for thinking about anything other than what was before her.  And even that thought was too much, so she took a second lap around the roof she was on to regain her concentration and build up speed.

Zoe was close now to the Dahl-Xiao landing bay. But it being the monstrosity it was, and respresenting the family within stood apart from everything else in the city. Zoe loved this part because now was the time that she really flew.

Visor down, body close, knuckles creaking, Zoe put all she could into the bike and it returned her love. The engine purred, the nose lifted as if smelling something wonderful, and the entire thing tore across the final roof towards the last jump. 

They were in the air, the landing bay before them and Zoe was smiling. All she could think was she’d made it once more. Pizzas then began to float before her. Not just pizzas but feathers. And all Zoe could think was, that’s odd.

She, her bike, pizzas and toppings alike were all falling. Along with a flock of birds Zoe’d failed to notice. Asides from cursing the flying rats, she also took a moment to wonder at who would order pineapple on their pizza. Especially one from D’mato’s. 

Today’s art is courtesy of Wojtek Fus from Elblag, Poland.

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