Some Maintenance Required

Some Maintenance Required

Lulu was gritting her teeth, hard. Her entire jaw was flexing as she tried to contain her anger. The delicate way she placed her tools and then laid them out like a trained interrogator speaking more to her rage than her mouth. Normally she’d just come in and toss down her toolbox. But this, this was something else and Toady knew they were in for it.

“Lulu!” Shouted Toady with a smile, “my favorite mechanic. I need some work.”

“I can see that.”

“Oh this,” they said with a shrug, “it’s nothing. That’s just a simple body job.”

“Is it.”

Toady leaned against his craft, knocked on it with a knuckle hoping nothing more would fall off it. There really wasn’t much left to the machine after the last run. But there was a hollow clunk from it when Toady knocked where normally there’d be a solid ting.










Toady wanted to smile, but Lulu had reached for a wrench and was weighing it against her other hand. She put it down, gently, then straightened it. Her fingers danced lightly over her tools as she admired them. They were good solid things. They showed their wear but there was care apparent. The appropriate parts had grease and the handles were taped and labelled, to help Lulu find them by touch. But her hands clenched when she looked at Toady’s craft.

They sighed. “It’s blockade running. What am I supposed to do, if they’re in the way - ask nicely?”

Today’s art is courtesy of Colie Wertz from San Francisco, California.

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