Planned Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence

“So they built it.”

“And then destroyed it.  But not entirely.”


Kim lowered the planning documents to stare at the buildings beyond. Before them stood what should have been a once mighty castle, left to ruin and disrepair. Deliberately. 

“Cause it looks cool!”

“But isn’t it trying a little too hard or something.”

“How so?”

“Like maybe they wanted nature to take back over but couldn’t be bothered to work with it.”

JD pointed to the rubble which a series of berry bushes were in the process of reclaiming, “Isn’t it better to let nature just find it’s way?”

“I don’t know. The whole thing just feels contrived.”

“Anymore than that cabin we saw last week?”

Kim started forward, onto the bridge running their fingers along the stones marking the edge. “Yes, actually.” JD snorted before Kim could continue. “That wanted to appear like any other cabin, and true to its intention had more lurking beneath it.”

“The whole glass and steel, open planned thing cut into the stone and overlooking the water was a bit much.”

“It was meant to be,” said Kim pushing through the gate, which swung open silently. “This place in contrast in attempting to be aged, yet doesn’t work in that manner.”


“So I just think it fails at what it’s trying to do.”

“Well that’s not going to stop us robbing the place.”

“Of course not.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Min Seub Jun from Yong-in, South Korea.

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