More The Fool

More The Fool

The promotion was his if he wanted it. They had said as much. And then they reiterated it. Really trying to drive home that he should take it.

“What’s not to love about this - more pay, more responsibility, a parking spot,” they said with a smile from the other side of the conference table. Their waters stood untouched. Their papers totally aligned. Their smiles frozen.

“It’s great, yeah, thanks, I mean, I just, it’s a lot to take in. And so sudden. You know. I have to… well I have some questions.”

“Of course you do,” replied the one on the left.

“It wouldn’t be natural if you didn’t,” continued the one on the right. The middle two said nothing, but held on to their smiles.

“What’s the time frame for my decision?”

“End of the day.”

The one on the right stood up and picked up her glass. She walked around the table to his side, but stopped to look out the window. “Hesitation is only natural. But we want you because you don’t hesitate.”

“Oh it’s not hesitation.”

“We know, we know. It’s considering the facts and then acting. It’s what you’re good at.” She took a sip, examined the glass and its contents, then set it back on the table beside him. “But this is the one time the company needs to move fast.”

“That’s why we want you.” One of the silent ones in the middle finally chimed in. The one next to her just nodded in silence. His smile unceasing.

“What’s the rush?”

The woman looking out the window placed a hand on his shoulder, yet continued to stare out over the manicured lawns. “Oh nothing of importance for you and the role. It just makes things easier for those in the C-Suite.”

“And you know when they say jump.”

“We’re already on our way back down.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Piotr Jablonski from Bialystok, Poland.

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