The Wait and The Turn

The Wait and The Turn

His wine went untouched. The menu sat ignored. The glare of his phone glazed his eyes. Even the murmur of the place washed over him to no avail. 

“Do you think he looks sad?”

“Kinda, he is alone.”

“No like something’s bothering him.”

“You always want others to have these deep inner lives full of turmoil and drama.”

“And you assume he’s just surfing porn.”

“Look at him - dad bod, alone, tucked in shirt, no ring - total perv.”

“Why would you say that!”

“I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I think it’s kinda hot.”


“I bet he’s the kinda guy who puts out personals on kink sites that say something like ‘ordinary guy, extraordinary tastes.’”

“Why’d you have to go there?”

“You’re the one saying that calm and collected manner belies a pot of boiling emotions. I’m just saying that pot is a stew of kinky ideas and behaviors.”

“Why do you have to ruin a good thing.”

“Good thing? It’s all speculation!”

“I was hoping for something…”

“A bit more romantic? What’s more romantic than a man who knows what he wants and accepts it no matter how unusual society may say.”

“That’s not romantic!”

“Is for me.”

“If I might butt in to your discussion,” the man said without looking away from his phone, “I’m currently researching children’s rights charities to donate to. Though I am waiting for a date, which I got with a personal that said…”

Today’s art is courtesy of Yujin Choo from Los Angeles, USA.

Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

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