The Defender

The Defender

The heat was sucking. Stepping out of the vehicle, Fey immediately regretted it. But she continued anyways and made her way up the convoy. It was only four cars long but they were stuck in a bit of a ravine as the front car had stop and Fey wanted to know why.

Banging and rattling and slight cursing greeted Fey as she approached. Bob was buried head and shoulders in the back of his vehicle searching for something. At his feet lay a pile of equipment. “The beauty of the Defender is in its design. It’s been modular from the get-go to make maintenance a breeze. And that’s just the start of what makes it such a tough and versatile vehicle.”

“Yet here we are, “ Fey said to Bob’s back.

“Don’t blame this beauty,” Bob said tapping the truck absently. He was too busy rooting through all the gear in the back to turn to Fey. “This is just the result of poor planning on someone’s part.”

“Would that person be you?”

“Not for me to say. You know me, I don’t like to speak ill of others.”

Fey rolled her eyes and turned to head back to her vehicle. She called over her shoulder, “Well if you need any help let us know.”

“Aha ha ha ha!”


“Found the jack!”

“So it’s the tire?”

“No,” said Bob waving the device in triumph and then dropping it in the dirt as he strained his back. “Think it’s one of the axels. But it’s easy enough to disengage and then we’ll be rolling.”

“You know where we are.”

“Yep yep.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Gregory Fromenteau from Montreal, Canada.

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