Abandoned Steppes

Abandoned Steppes

The picture flickered before them. The projector showing it wavering as everyone leaned in around it, pressing and knocking on the table. Reflecting off the wall was an image of a grassy landscape dotted with peculiar peaks, reminiscent of African terminate mounds but far more regular in appearance. 

“You mean to tell me it’s atop a rocket…”

A gentleman sitting at the back just nodded.

“And it’s out in the open?”

Once again a nod. The image slide aside and a new one took its place. This time it was a bird’s eye view of the grassland. The rockets and their launch systems dotting it with no particular order. 

“We don’t know it’s atop,” said the man at the back.

“I count about 40,” put in a new voice, that of Cecilia. She stood up from the desk and moved closer to the screen.

“There’s 48 in total, though only 37 launch platforms,” replied the man. “The rest are in the staging area.”

“What’s that like?” asked Geoffrey. 

“Equally abandoned.”

“Oh goody.”

Cecilia pointed to a launchpad, “If these are on the pad then they’re fueled.”


“Which means no heavy equipment, no explosives, no torches,” she continued.

Geoffrey sighed. “So how exactly are we supposed to get at the payload, what ever it is?”

“You’re going to launch the rocket. And you with it.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Andreas Husballe from Viborg, Denmark.

Not The Expected

Not The Expected