Poncho Purview

Poncho Purview

Fingers lightly danced on the glass. The tink-tink-tinking was lost to the din of the street. Inside the dull roar of the HVAC deadened everything. 

“Why are we doing this?”

“Just look at them!”

“I am and I know, but still why now?”

A sigh followed the woman’s fingers as they continued tap about the galleria windows. “You know everyone’s going for this.”

“So being so brazen is the way to get ahead of the competition?”

“Ha,” laughed the woman and smiled. “As if we have competition.”

The man clearly looked uncomfortable. Passersby would mistake it for an uncomfortable date, he being unable to dragged the woman who laughed away from the shopping displays with vagaries and promises of more later. 

“Can’t we case the place first?”

“What makes you think I haven’t?”

“I just never took you for one to be into streetwear.”

“If it’s got a value to someone, then it’s worth knowing about,” she said having reached the corner. She turned around and started back the other way, dragging her fingers across the glass again.

The woman froze as screams started from the crowd of pedestrians around them. A roar cut through as a truck jumped the curb and gunned it towards the window. Safety glass sprinkled over the hood as the push bar came to a stop just millimeters from the mannequins. And out jumped four masked men. One saluted the woman as they hopped into the shop and began grabbing the clothes.

“And you said we were being brazen,” said the woman as she and her partner just stood there and watched their competition make away with the goods.

Today’s art is courtesy of Joseph Cross from Bellevue, USA.

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