Cruciform Glyphs

Cruciform Glyphs

The coin. That coin. If it could even be called that. In their hand it resembled one. Observed it gave the appearance of being nothing more than a metal disc, etched on both sides. Yet flip it, turn it over, put it away and pull it back out and at least one of the sides changed. Not in any visible way. Not before their eyes. Yet it was not the same markings as before. Though it was still recognizably the same coin.

They held it before the broker, but didn’t let them touch it. They flipped it and showed it once more. And again. And again. They spun it on the counter and slapped it flat. They turned it over and then over and then over. Each time the glyphs upon it changed. And each time the broker smiled a little, but they remained steadfastly stoic.

“Well that is a surprise,” the broker said.

They only grunted in response. Their mask hiding any ticks that would have given away any emotion.

“Ever hear of a Möbius strip? Endless line that folds in on itself or some such”

They nod.

“Well it’s a Möbius coin. Not so much a strip. More a torus that does the same thing. Cept we can only see a slice of it at one time.”

They nod, slower this time.

“I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much more than that, but what you got here is worth a whole lot more than any mere coin.”

“Any idea of what’s inside it?”

“Ah-ha it speaks!” The broker smiles wide and throws their arms open as if expecting a hug. When no response is forthcoming, the broker returns their hands to the counter. “No. But I may know someone who can help with that.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Hugo Richard from Montreal, Canada.

Pines Instead Of Zines

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