Cardboard Confusions

“Is… is that… are those even people?” Shawna murmured into the silence of the coliseum.

A hiss and a crackle screeched out over the space as if to emphasize who redundant her statement had been.

“What?! No! That’s the crowd. And they’re very excited to see you die,” came a voice over the loudspeakers, which now that Shawna was looking for them she could see strung around the ruins.

Shawna held her hands out to her side and turned around, taking the entire place in. “Really? Cause they’re not saying anything.”

“They stunned into silence by the anticipation!”

“Of my death?”


“Or they’re just cardboard cut outs. And not very good ones.”

“But there’s a lot of em. You try filling a stadium with a crowd,” boomed the voice. Shawna could imagine whomever was behind it was sulking at the microphone.

Shawna set off for the center of the coliseum, ready to get whatever this was over with. “Couldn’t you just use holograms or something.”

“I like the more tactile nature of the cutouts.”

“Half of section 7E has fallen over.”

“In their excitement at your pending death!”

The voice couldn’t see it but Shawna rolled her eyes at that one.

“In all honesty, whoever you are, how am I supposed to take you and whatever this is seriously when you can’t even keep up the pretense surrounding this? It’s a shambles.”

“Enough with your shenanigans! Prepare to die!” screeched the speakers.

And then Shawna stood there waiting as the breeze scattered dust against her boots.

“When you said prepare to die, did you mean get all my affairs in order? Are you an end-of-life attorney and you want me to make a will? Cause if you are then this is a really elaborate hard sell.”

Today’s inspiration was courtesy of Wesley Griffith from Los Angeles, USA. They asked me to not use their artwork on this site.

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