Summer Flus Suck

Summer Flus Suck

One of them actually went “woo-wee.” Another sucked air through their teeth. A third popped some bubble gum. The fourth didn’t say a word.

“I know it’s unheard of but I want you to live stream your work,” you said as the train lurched into another station. You considered making a run for it there, but you were committed, convinced this was the way forward.

“Can I get an E,” she sang.

“E!” the rest of the crew shouted in response.



“Trapment, yes I know,” you said cutting them off. No one was on the subway anyways so their little song and dance was for no one. You squatted in front of them to get real, “But be serious, do you really think cops care. Or anyone does?”

“No!,” you smile before they can answer, “cause those ways are gone. It’s the time of the corpos and if you aren’t hurting their profits then you are doing no wrong.”

“Don’t mean there won’t be some retaliation,” said the one snapping their gum.

“That’s just business. Everyone’s hustling in on another’s game.”

They nodded at that.

“Only we’re going to remake this game, we’re going to live stream it!”

That got a laugh from the one you knew to be their leader. “Cause some rich corpo-brats really want to see what the Summer Flus get up to.”

“Nah,” you said shaking your head. “They want something different.”

“Just what we need, more people saying we suck,” put in the second.

“There’s always gonna be haters.”

“Only problem there chief,” said the leader leaning in close, “is we get to kick em in the teeth.”

“Oh, but you will.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Will Kosman from Vancouver, Canada.

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