Size Matters

Size Matters


“Heh what?”


“Oh, I got something for you to go ‘nutin’ bout right here.”

“Do you?”




“Prove it.”

“Oh you’re asking for it.”

“What’d I just say?”




“That’s it?”

“Think you can do better?”

“Twice as better.”


“Did you just say cha-ching?”

“What? No. That’s the sound they make when I unholster these beauts.”

“An SMG and a dinky little pistol? Please.”

“Dinky?! Dinky! I’ll show you dinky!”

“Oh please, the big bad robot rearing up and waving their appendages about. So scary.”

“Like you could do better.”

“See this quiet lady over my shoulder. She doesn’t need an introduction, her work speaks for itself.”

“I don’t see nutin that says ’she’ can do any better.”

“Doesn’t have too.”

“You’re no fun.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause you ruined the game.”


“What good is oneupmanship if you’re not gonna play by the rules?”

“Wait, wait, wait! You two are playing a game… and there are rules?”

“Well, yeah!”


“And they are?”

“Show off how cool our guns are!”

“And strike intimidating poses, please.”

“That’s what intimidating looks like?”

“We’ve got these big guns.”

“You said it yourself, they aren’t very big.”

“Most other people don’t know that.”

“Yeah! Specially those we’re tryin to intimidate!”

“Plus, it’s not like the size of the gun matters.”

“Well it kinda does.”

“Not for scaring folks.”

“No not for that. But for shootin stuff and like.”


“Oh, we should go shoot somethin.”

“You two are so weird.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Marcin Rubinkowski from Katowice, Poland.

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