Stakeout Carry-Ons

Stakeout Carry-Ons

The radio buzzes and Fresno’s voice comes on the line. “All clear at position 3.”

“Rain’s reducing visibility at position 4.” It’s Duane.

“Don’t think that’s rain,” replied K from the rooftop.

“Yeah, there’s no rain dude,” came Fresno.

“Then what the hell am I looking at?”

“Looks like you parked under a drainage pipe.”

“Drainage for what?”

“Don’t think you want to know.”

That gets chuckles across the comms. 

“Why… I mean how… do I even want to know?” The chief finally cuts in.

“It wasn’t raining when we got here.”

“Calling it rain isn’t going to make it any better. And you’re not going to be able to move now.” The exasperation evident in every word from the Chief.

“On the bright side Chief, this car’s from the 83rd.” The chief smiled at that but no one was around to see it.

“Updates?” He called instead.



“Couple walking down the blocking and set to turn the corner.”

“Shit all.”

“Sounds about right.”

The street was quiet for a few minutes. The couple walked off. Doors remained shut. Curtains closed. The team stood ready in their positions. The chief monitoring it all.

“So how many stakeouts does this make?” Asked K.

“By my count, five of the last seven,” said Fresno.

“That one in the DRONE doesn’t count. I’m not the one who set that up.”

“It counts.”


“Nah uh.”


“Duane, it counts.”

Today’s art is courtesy of Ssaki Metel Seoul, South Korea.

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