We Were One

We Were One

Hold on. Hold on, hold on! Come on, just one more pass. You can take the g’s. Keep it together, and stop talking to yourself.

“You know we can hear you over the comms, Jasper 3.” 

Great, ridicule from the other side. Just what we need.

Not exactly ridicule. Just a game. As if one weren’t enough for them.

Tango inbound. Parabola analyzed. Destination capital. 

“Really now, Jasper 7, would it be that simple?”

Taunts will get them nowhere. 

“Or everywhere.”

New signals. Tangos in every sector. Unexpected.

They can’t be. They must be… something.

Alright, bright eyes form up and keep it tight. There’s something new.

Tango. Tango. Tango. Interdiction incoming.

That’s not right.

“No Jasper 16, it is.”

Silence them.

“Ain’t that easy Jasper 7.”

Play their game. Change the rules. Or just fill the void.

Beans, beans the musical fruit!

Polly had a pocket and in that pocket was a socket for a wrench wrench wrench.

We resort to this and then what.

“Bye bye Jasper 2.”

Hold it. Bring it around. Steady now.

I like big…

“Another one down, another one down, another one bites dust.”

None of this is real.

Jump. Jump now.

It’s what they want us to do.

They aren’t real.

“Or are we?”

Today’s art is courtesy of Kamila Szutenberg from Bodelshausen, Germany.

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