My Games

The following games were created by me or I was part of the team making them. All of the games made only by me are available on and/or the Interactive Fiction Database. Below you'll find a description of each and a link to the game. You'll also find design documents for game ideas I have that are too complex for me alone to make.

A Pen & Paper RPG System

A pen and paper RPG system focused on action and adventure storytelling


The Integration Game

Experience the first interactions any immigrant goes through with the Finnish government. Find out if you qualify for integration courses! Or maybe you're already integrated! Just don't piss off the bureaucrat otherwise you'll have your benefits revoked. And don't ask to learn Swedish, Finland's other national language.

EU Migrants, students, refugees, asylum seekers and those coming to Finland to join their partners all experience the integration process to some degree. Few receive support, some don't. This game is not a 100% accurate depiction of the process or the factors determining who gets to take an integration course, merely a demonstration of what immigrants experience.

This game was created for 1-bit Clicker Jam by an actual immigrant, in Finland.

For more information about what it's like to integrate in Finland check out the podcast I produced for Kommunförbundet on SoundCloud.