My Company

Third Culture Kids Ab is my company and job. It was founded in 2018 with the aim of telling stories while being beholden to no single medium. Telling stories is fun and that should never be constrained by the limits of a particular form. That's why Third Culture Kids produces and publishes works that cross genres, mediums, languages and the world. Through it, I produce and publish a number of podcasts, video games, The Writing Game my YouTube series, and lots of other stuff. 

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In an effort to write everyday and to get into the creative flow, I find a piece of artwork from a different artist everyday to use as inspiration. The only real requirement is that I share the artwork and give the appropriate credit to the artist to highlight their work. I’m not making any money off what I’m writing so the best I can do is direct people to the artist that inspired me. Most of whom I expect to find on Artstation. I’ve created a collection of all the work I’m inspired by which can be found here.


My Games

I'm an amateur indie game developer. More writer than anything. Maybe one day I'll actually learn to program. For now I'm working in Twine and may expand to try other text-based formats. Games hold a special place for me but I do think they can do better, especially when it comes to telling stories. And it's something I want to work on. Whether I achieve that is another matter. All of my games are available on itch.io and/or on the Interactive Fiction Database.


The Duck Pond

The Duck Pond is a podcast about the realities of integrating in Finland’s other official language – Swedish. Integration, regardless of language, is not a simple matter. In Finland, they want it to be a matter of language and work. Get one then get the other. But there are many more dimensions to it. It’s a matter of politics, health, culture, power, acceptance and identity. All of that and more is explored through interviews with the people involved in the integration process from students to teachers to politicians. The Duck Pond is published by Kommunförbundet at Kommuntorget.fi.


Ankdammen är en podcast om hur det är att integreras i Finland på landets andra officiella språk – svenska. I Finland tycks man ofta villa tänka att integrering handlar enbart om språk och arbete. Klara av språket så får du jobb. Men det finns många fler dimensioner till integration. Det är en fråga om politik, hälsa, kultur, makt, anammande och identitet. Allt detta med mera utforskas genom intervjuer med personer som deltar i integrationsprocessen från studenter till lärare till politiker. Ankdammen publiceras av Kommunförbundet på Kommuntorget.fi.


Warriors Rugby Club

I've played rugby for 20 years now. Just about every place I go I can find a team, which is fantastic because there's no better sport in the world. Currently I play for the Warriors Rugby Club here in Helsinki, Finland. I also run touch rugby which is open to everyone regardless of club affiliation, age, gender or experience. For more about rugby please feel free to contact me.

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Fulltime HEL

Fulltime HEL was an independently produced podcast about the life and work of freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and co-working spaces in the Greater Helsinki Region. Comprised of interviews and analysis the show is a chance to highlight and share all the great things happening in Helsinki, Finland as Gregory Pellechi, the host, delves into what makes this city such a hotbed of creativity.